January 2, 2014


What problem do we solve?

Diversity and inclusion isn’t happening fast enough. It can still be a bit scary and slow. We help you get strategic to make bigger, better, faster changes in your head, your workforce, your city. You could be:

  • Already doing great work in your city, that just isn’t reaching the people you want to reach?
  • Wondering where to start with Diversity and Inclusion – making it a reality, not just a tick in a box?
  • Wanting inspiration from Best Practice out there?
  • Wanting to address a gap – getting more women and cross-culture communities in your workforce, at all levels?

It’s proven to be better for business, as well as better for everyone.  Companies with a “gender-diverse” workforce outperform those without by around 15%. Widen that to companies representing cross-culture communities and it is 35%. (Source Why Diversity Matters By Vivian Hunt, Dennis Layton, and Sara Prince; Mckinsey.com)

Event Services

Events and Networks are a great starting point for real, human connections and opportunities on an individual and company basis. We offer you:

Events Management and Workshop Facilitation

Throw any event challenge at us! A safe pair of hands and help for you on any or all event aspects from concept to strategy, to execution. We have an ever growing collective of people and organisations which can contribute to your diversity through their own practice:

  • Speakers
  • Suppliers
  • Venues
  • Events Staff and Experts

121 or Group Diverse City Sessions.

You get:

  • 2 hours exploring your challenges and ambitions.
  • Report with Smart Connections and next steps.
  • Follow up call or meeting to keep you on track.

Bespoke Event Services for Social Good and Diversity Projects

We are Bristol’s importer and exporter of Diversity and Inclusion opportunities, events and expertise. Your first stop in Bristol to source and connect local and international opportunities for you and your audiences to accelerate diversity.

We don’t pretend to be experts at everything, but we are expert in sourcing what you want – we help bring speakers, concepts, people, businesses and opportunities into Bristol, all to accelerate diversity.

Contact us for help with your diversity challenge or task.